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We love that patients can feel a difference in a very short time.

Fit EyezT has been a go to product for our practice for my dry eye and macular degeneration patients. My patients love that these are gummies and not another horse pill to add to their daily intake. We love that patients can feel a difference in a very short time. 2 thumbs up Fit EyezT
Fit Eyez
Dr. Monique Barbour, MD, MHA, FAAO

October 13, 2022

I "See" a Real Difference!!!

My eye doctor told me to take Lutein and Zeaxanthin in order to combat the beginning stages of Macular Degeneration!! After finishing this one month supply of Yummy Gummies I can truly 'see' a difference in my fuzzy eyes!!! I had to take off a star because of the price!! I can get another brand for ten bucks cheaper for a month supply and it has the same ingredients!! However it doesn't taste as great as this one!! Thank you!!!



March 25, 2022

I like it because it's not too sweet.

Now that I'm in my forties, I've been taking eye supplements to maintain my eye health and vision. These eye gummies from Fiteyez are delicious, not too sweet, and easy to chew. I stare at multiple monitors eight hours a day for work and I'm hoping these gummies will keep my eyes healthy and clear. The gummies are a little bit hard but not as hard as Starburst. I've experienced no side effects or allergies. 👍
Flavor Name: Wild Berry
Keri optimummind

December 30, 2021

Great Benefits, Great Taste

I bought these gummy vitamins as I sit behind a computer all day. I thought it would be best to do something for blue light protection, and what better than a gummy vitamin. Worth the price, and love that it’s formulated by a doctor
Flavor Name: Wild Berry

January 4, 2022

Advertised as help for seniors.

The FitEyez Eye Fitness Gummies
Russell Fanelli

January 4, 2022

My eyes have improved!!

Just finished my first bag of Fiteyez gummies as recommended by my eye doctor because I look at a computer all day. They’re worth the price and I actually love the taste.. I think they taste like a Fig Newton!
Blue Light Protection

January 14, 2022

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